eMIRAmed is the exclusive US distributor of the MIRApeel, which uses a new comprehensive, 3D Skin Desquamation technique called Fractional Transbrasion™ Technology.

The MIRApeel™ system, engineered and designed to become a leader, MIRApeel™ is the newest, one of the most comprehensive Transdermal Delivery System.   It is designed to achieve novel Fractional Transbrasion™.  Aiming to revolutionize a vast number of skin-care modalities by using a full range of unique scientifically designed and engineered accessories and proprietary cosmetic serums and creams.

eMIRAmed USA has been granted the exclusive distributor rights from MIRAmedtech UG - a dynamic German aesthetic equipment manufacturer.


eMIRAmed USA offers the complete, innovative Aesthetic MIRA product range that works seamlessly with the MIRA technology.


The MIRApeel™, MIRA accessories and serums introduce a comprehensive, novel, 3D Skin Desquamation technique called Fractional Transbrasion™.



MIRApeel™utilizes utilizes MIRArollers™ (vacuum-aided non-invasive micro-needling, single-use attachments) and MIRAbrasor™ (safe, single-use, uniquely designed Skin Desquamating attachments) to rejuvenate appearance and even skin-tone and texture for a photo-ready finish. It also can help reduce some discoloration and can have a positive effect on fine lines, stretch marks and some scars.

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MIRApeelTM Fractional TransbrasionTM System