MIRApeelTM Fractional TransbrasionTM System

(Non-Invasive Fractional Transbrasion™)

MIRA stands for Micro-Infusion Rolling Abrasion.


What is MIRA?

MIRApeelTM comprehensive system is a new, comprehensive, transdermal delivery system with unique accessories, attachments and add-ons.


Fractional Transbrasion™ - is a novel desquamating & non-invasive microneedling technology, helping to infuse cosmetic serums to produce the best results.


MIRA is first to combine the newest, most effective modalities to improve skin treatments:


  1. 3D Cellular Desquamation (by MIRApeel™ & MIRAbrasor™ single-use non-invasive add-ons)
  2. Simultaneous Fractional Transbrasion with refined cosmetic serums (MIRApeel™ system + MIRAjolie™ serums + MIRAbrasor™ + MIRAroller™)
  3. Fractional Skin Needling therapy (skin rejuvenation) (MIRApeel™ + MIRAroller™ + MIRAjolie™)


MIRA Observed Effects on the Skin

Controlled Skin Desquamation (Vacuum-Assisted) achieves maximum uptake, massage and efficacy by gliding effortlessly across the skin, each time with unique action: exfoliating, vacuuming debris and delivering MIRAjolieTM cosmetic serums in such fast succession, so as to appear simultaneous. It effectively rejuvenates the skin’s appearance by making it look fuller, fresher and healthier.


3D Cellular Desquamation - together with  Micro-Needling, which uses our specialized rollers with refined microprotrusions, improves the overall skin texture, and  can reduce fine lines. Together, they achieve a soft skin refinement with smoother, silkier results.  The single use MIRA add-ons are individually designed for larger Body areas, and also for the Face and Neck areas.

Additionally to the vacuum-assisted 3D Cellular Desquamation, the non-invasive micro-needling helps rejuvenate appearance, even skin-tone and texture for a photo-ready finish. This can also help to reduce some discoloration and have a positive effect on fine wrinkle lines, stretch marks and some scars.


The non-invasive micro-needles (MIRA designed micro-protrusions),  assist the close to simultaneous  permeation of our Internationally known, proprietary cosmetic serums smoothly and painlessly.


Many clients are concerned with dry skin, skin rejuvenation, having a smoother skin text and reducing the look of blemishes.  MIRA treatments address these concerns.

MIRA R&D Unique Innovations

It comes with a full range of unique scientifically-designed accessories, serums, lotions and creams for face/neck and full body skin-care.



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